An air ambulance is a special aircraft equipped to transport hurt or ill people from a place to another. As the same as a ground ambulance, an air ambulance provides the vital medical equipment to support and follow the treatment of the patients.

When it comes to transport a patient in an Air Ambulance, every detail is extremely important and it is essential to take correct decisions. We take care of every detail and we provide a high quality service with competitive prices.

Our full-time commitment has made MD FLY leader in Air Ambulances in all over Argentina and bordering countries. Our operations center is available the 24/7 for any requirement.

When you call to our call-center, an experienced coordinator will attend and assist you to determine the best option for the patient’s needs. It is very important to have the best professionals on board. That’s why we only recruit the best!

Our service 100% unconcerned always includes ground transportation if it is required.


Security is our main slogan. This is why we are prepared to bring any kind of medicinal service at any time.

In our hangar we have the necessarytechnology to make the diary check to our fleet.

All our airplanes are pressurized and heated.

In MD FLY we recognize the necessities of our clients. That is why we go further to their demands and we offer them a first level infrastructure, bringing the best attention not only at shore but also in the air.

You can rely on our vast national and international experience.


Medical Escort Service it is a service of professional medical companion on a commercial airline aircraft. When the patient does not require ICU treatment to be transferred on an Air Ambulance but nevertheless it must be taken care by medical professional according to airlines requirements. Patients must be medically stable and their needs limited to oxygen supply, medicament administration, support for moving and transport, also controlled mental disease.

MD FLY offers medical escort service worldwide. Our medical personnel for this service could be a Medical Doctor or Professional Nurse according to patient’s requirements.

Before any transfer our medical director will ask for all relevant medical information of the patient and decide whether an MD or a PN will be used for the mission. He will also inform and prepare our professional with details for the flight.

This service is ¨bedside to bedside¨ that means that our medical professional will pick up the patient personally and will leave him at his final destination.


Due to our vast experience in the medical area, we are able to offer a personal advising and assistance to all travelers not only in Argentina but also in the rest of the world.

Our assistance includes home medical visit, clinical examination, legal assistance, dental services, overall analysis, hospital admissions, travel insurance and much more.

If you are going to travel do not hesitate to contact our operators to bring you the best option for your trip.


All our services are national and international covered. Not only the Air Ambulances but also the Medical Escort Service are offered worldwide.

Our main objective is to make the patient arrive home as soon as possible. This is why we have the best medical team and the most complete medical equipment. We evaluate the necessity of the patient in every step we make. In case it is necessary we can count on our international colleagues help who allow us to speed up the mission and arrive home sooner.

Some missions not only use one service but also two. We can combine an air ambulance with a medical escort in case it is needed.

Every mission is unique and unrepeatable so our executives will always provide you the best option for your situation.


“Organ Donors save life”. When we talk about offering an excellence service to perform an organ, tissue or cell transport, MD FLY responds fast. We know about the responsibility of getting to the donor as soon as possible and to the receptor without delays.

Our company counts with a special coordination for these cases. We help with ground transportation and collaborate at all times with transplant professionals.