Capacity 8 passengers y 2 cabin crew

Cruising Speed 815km/h

Range 4.100 km

Maximum height45.000 feets

Autonomy 5 hours

Amenities Passengers enter standing. Separate Bathroom. Music on board. Air show.



Capacity 6 passengers y 2 cabin crew

Cruising Speed 700 km/h

Range 3.800 km

Maximum height45.000 feets

Autonomy 4:30 hours



Capacity 18 passengers y 2 cabin crew

Cruising Speed 576km/h

Range 2.132 km

Maximum height31.000 feets

Autonomy 4 hours



Capacity 7 passengers y 2 cabin crew

Cruising Speed 789km/h

Range 3.500 km

Maximum height45.000 feets

Autonomy 4:30 hours


The most experienced pilots of Argentina compose MD FLY crew. All of them have thousands of flight hours in both regular and sanitary flights.

They work together with our medical team and are fully aware of emergencies and urgencies of each particular mission.

Our crewmembers are professionals with vocation and experience with many years of background as civil and military pilots.


MD FLY has an excellent medical team with a lot of experience in aeronautical missions. All of them are evaluated, certified and enabled by the FAA (Argentinean Air Force) as aeronautical medical professional.

This certification is given after a course at the INMAE (National Institute of Aeronautical and Space Medicine) given for MDs and PNs, both civil and military for sanitary air transfers.

All our medical personnel has also a certification in Aeronautical Physiology to make sure that we offer the best possible care to our patients while onboard.

Before we begin any mission, our coordinator will contact with our professionals in charge of the patient to analyze the specific situation and its complete medical report so that we can place onboard our aircraft the best medical team and equipment for the mission.


We have the best Advance Medical Life Support Equipment, which is detail as follows

  • Cardiac Monitors
  • Defibrillators
  • Infusion bombs
  • Oxygen
  • Artificial ventilators
  • Stretcher approved by the F.F.A. (Federal Aviation Administration)
  • Portable suction equipment
  • Pulse oxymeters
  • Arterial pressure meter
  • All medicines needed in case of an emergency
  • Portable incubator
  • Kit for burnings
  • Jut of air transportation
  • Kit for Orthopedic Surgery
  • Vacuum mattres


What is an Air Ambulance?

An Air Ambulance is an airplane equipped as an ambulance used to transfer patients from one city to another. This aircraft count with all necessary equipment so that our medical personnel can keep our patient stabilized during transfer.

What is a Medical Escort?

A Medical Escort is a medical professional (MD or PN) that will take a patient on a commercial airline flight. He will take responsibility for it. He will pocess a legal document called MEDIF to present to the airline that states his responsibility for the patient transfer as well as for the oxygen and drugs administration (if necessary).

When do I need a Medical Escort?

We can transfer patients on commercial airline flights as long as they are medically stable and can stand to travel in a seating position.

MD FLY will analyze each case particularly and will provide the appropriate advice in each particular case.

Which information do I need to supply to get a quotation?

We need origin and destination of the patient. Also a basic diagnose.

Once the mission is confirmed we will also need a complete medical history as well as medical contact that we can speak to.

Our rates do not depend on the state of the patient; we require this information to provide the best option of aircraft and equipment.

Which Information do I need to provide to transfer a Patient?

Once the mission is confirmed we’ll need contact information of the treating physician. We will also need contact information of the final destination (Hospital name and address, receiving physician contact).

We will also need a complete medical history (if available) and copies of passport or any relevant travel document of patient and companion.

After doing contact with both professionals we’ll start with the mission and will use the best team and equipment for each specific case.

Which kind of aircraft should I hire?

According to the situation of the patient we will advice which one you should use. The main difference will be aircraft autonomy.

Is ground ambulance included?

Our ground ambulance in the city of Buenos Aires is included. On the rest of the destinations we will let you know accordingly. In the cases were not included we will help you with this matter and hire it for you if necessary.

Does the Air Ambulance have all necessary elements to transfer the patient?

All our medical ambulances have all the elements necessary to transfer the patient.

How many companions can travel with the patient?

Each aircraft have different passenger capacity. At the moment of hiring our services we will let you know about the capacity of passengers and luggage in your specific case.